Servicing all Commercial and Residential Customers We Sell Salon and Grooming Scissors and Accessories

Distributor of Chipper Knives

Chain Saws
 • Steel
​• Carbide

Hand Saws   

• Bow Saws   
• Brush Saws   
• Hand Saws   
• Miter Saws   
• Pruning Saws   
• Saw Re-toothing

Hole Saws
• 1” –  4”
• Steel or Carbide

Steel Drill Bits  
• Up to 1” Drill Bits  
• Auger Bits  
• Self Feed/Multi Spur Drill Bits  
• Paddle/Spade Drill Bits  

• Air Hammer
– Asphalt Cutters   
– Point/Chisels

Mower Blades 
• Mulching Blades
• Reel Mower Blades
• Regular Mower Blades  

Planer Knives

Scissors & Shears
• Carpet Shears
• Fabric Shears 
• Shears
​• Pinking Shears
• Salon & Grooming Shears
We are also a supplier for Salon and Grooming Shears, click here for more information.

We take pride in offering all types of businesses top quality service. Don't lose your businesses EDGE, TSS is here to keep your business SHARP! 

Below you will find a variety of blades and tools we can sharpen for you. If you do not see the item listed below, please feel free to call or e-mail us with the item you need sharpened and we can see if we can help! For prices, click here.

Download Price list here:

Sharpening Price List

Lawn & Garden Tools​

​How many shovels, edgers, loppers & pruners do you have just sitting in your shop because they are dull and your employees cant use them? So what do you do? You choose the quickest solution and buy more. Why not take a few minutes, gather up all those dull tools and let us get them back in working order. You've just saved a ton of money AND you now have backups.   ​
• Axes  
• Grass Clippers  
• Hatchets  
• Hedge Trimmers        
- Electric        
- Manual 
• Garden Hoes  
​• Loppers  
• Pruners  
​• Pruning Shears 
• Hand Scythes/Sickles 
• Shovels  
• Spades

Stump Grinder Teeth

We are one of the few companies that sharpen stump grinder teeth and it's at a fraction of what a new set would cost. Your machine will work more efficiently when the teeth are kept sharp.

• Carbide  

Tree Chipper Knives   
​• All types of knives   ​
We are an authorized distributor of  chipper knives.

Circular Saws   ​
• Carbide Saws         
- Sharpening           
- Retipping   
• Steel Saws

Commercial Sharpening